Our work is supported by specialist knowledge, qualifications and many years of experience. During this time, we have managed to develop and systematize our test methods, which are implemented in a reliable and timely manner. For many years, we have been carrying out tests of refractory materials in our laboratory. We operate comprehensively, so we focus on the physical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of individual samples.

As part of refractory materials testing, we offer analyzes of:

  • refractory products,
  • unformed refractory materials (refractory concretes),
  • refractory and ceramic raw materials,
  • masses and refractory mortars.

Individual tests are carried out by our qualified staff, who uses regularly checked and calibrated measuring equipment.

We do tests

We conduct tests in accordance with standards

Our tests comply with the following applicable standards:

  • Polish PN-H, PN-C and PN-EN,
  • European EN,
  • American ASTM.

In addition, for many years of operation, we have managed to develop our own procedures that allow for effective and reliable analysis. We approach each of our Clients individually, which guarantees their satisfaction with our services.

On a daily basis, we work with the implemented series of standards:

  • PN-EN ISO 1927 Monolithic (unformed) refractory products,
  • PN-EN 993 Compact molded refractory products.

This allows us to conduct comprehensive tests of refractory products.