They allow you to maintain natural ventilation in a particular building. They must meet certain criteria in order to retain their properties for life. This is why testing of ventilation ceramic bricks is so important. We implement it in our laboratory. During the analysis, we check, among others: compressive strength, frost resistance, durability and water absorption. We cooperate both with manufacturers of building materials, as well as with supervisory bodies and individual Clients. We also work as a third party in arbitration studies. 

We do tests

Qualified staff

We care about the full satisfaction of our customers, which is why we conduct comprehensive research in accordance with the applicable regulations Polish PN-EN or European EN standards and legal regulations. We make sure that after the analyzes are completed, they receive test reports as soon as possible. All tests are carried out by our qualified employees with many years of experience. In addition, they work on modern equipment that is regularly checked and calibrated.