In our laboratory, we carry out cement testingwhich consists in evaluating and checking its properties. We control whether the material complies with the applicable standards of the PN-EN 196 and PN-EN 197 series. We perform such tests as compressive and bending strength, volume constancy or setting time using the Vicat apparatus method. We also carry out the analysis of chemical composition, content of alkalis, chlorides, sulphates and the content of insoluble parts. We issue tests reports after the ending of our analysis. At the client's request, we can carry out a statement of compliance with the requirements of, for example, the PN-EN 197 standard, the Declaration of Performance or other guidelines. Importantly, we conduct all tests not only reliably and on time, but we also approach each of our Clients individually, advising them on the necessary scope of tests. We encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss the details of cooperation.

We do tests

Control of chemical, physical and mechanical properties

Checking the chemical, physical and mechanical properties is very important because it has a direct impact on the final characteristics of the product. Our Clients can count on us when introducing a product to the market, as well as in the case of periodic tests. The offer of testing physical and chemical properties is addressed to all branches of industry, with particular emphasis on the ceramic industry, producers of cements and binders, concrete, aggregates and wall elements, as well as industrial waste processing plants and producers of solid fuels. We work not only with companies, but also with individual Clients,
so we encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail. We approach each of our Clients individually.


The great advantage of our business is that we use the knowledge and many years of experience of our employees on a daily basis and work on regularly serviced, checked and calibrated measuring equipment, thanks to which we guarantee the high quality of our services.