Solid biofuels are constantly gaining popularity and are a response to the growing awareness of the negative impact of burning traditional coal on the natural environment. We carry out tests on solid biofuels (solid biomass), among others straw in the form of bales, briquettes, sawdust, sawdust or straw granulates, the so-called pellets and other processed plant waste.

In our laboratory we have modern measuring equipment that allows us to perform precise tests of various solid fuels. We have accreditation, and we perform our duties with due diligence, accuracy and up-to-date knowledge, thanks to which our Clients can entrust us with the implementation of tests of solid fuels, including biofuels.

Testing of pellets and sawdust

Testing of pellets and sawdust is performed in order to determine the value of CO2 emission factors, the use of wood waste materials or their reclassification. Comprehensive service allows us to accredited sampling of solid biofuel and checking the most important parameters, i.e. the content of moisture, carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, ash or calorific value - the so called calorific value of solid fuel. This is why production plants, distributors and various laboratories are willing to cooperate with us.


All our tests are carried out by qualified, trained and experienced employeeswho use modern laboratory equipment on a daily basis, which is serviced, maintained and calibrated on an ongoing basis.