In FERROCARBO the following tests are performed:
  • cements and cement components
  • raw materials for the production of cement
  • lime
  • concrete
  • fly ashes
  • blast furnace slags
  • silica dust
  • testing of admixtures for concrete, mortar and grout
  • pigment
  • water testing for concrete
  • binders and other binding materials
  • We do tests

    Testing of construction products and materials is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards:

    • Polish PN-EN
    • European EN
    • industry
    • American ASTM

    as well as the requirements provided by customers.

    We constantly improve our competences, analyze the industry, looking for the best solutions and research methods.

    In order to provide comprehensive laboratory services, we have implemented tests in accordance with the guidelines of the following standards:

    • EN 197-1 Cement
    • EN 206 Concrete
    • PN-88/B-06250 Plain concrete
    • EN 450-1 Fly ash for concrete
    • PN-EN 15167-1 Ground granulated blast furnace slag for use in concrete, mortar, grout
    • PN-EN 13263-1 Silica dust for concrete
    • EN 934-1 Admixtures for concrete, mortar and grout
    • PN-EN 12878 Pigments for coloring building materials based on cement and/or lime
    • EN 1008 Mixing water for concrete

    Following the research needs of our clients, we issue stwierdzenia zgodności z wymaganiami norm, jak również przeprowadzamy wszystkie niezbędne badania próbek do uzyskania CE mark. In our laboratory, we perform type tests as well as control tests.

    The tests are carried out by experienced and trained employees in the fields of geology, chemistry, ceramics and construction, who use their knowledge and skills every day. ZBL FERROCARBO Sp. z o. o. conducts tests using regularly checked and calibrated measuring equipment.

    As an experienced research laboratory, we cooperate with supervisory bodies, as well as we are engaged as a third party for arbitration tests.

    Research of building materials

    In our laboratory, we carry out analyzes in a very wide range. Research of building materials are one of our main activities. On a daily basis, we perform e.g. cement testingbinders, fly ashes, blast furnace slag, aggregates, concrete and concrete admixtures, pigments and water for concrete. Everything to provide customers comprehensive service. Importantly, we work not only with companies, but also with individual clients.

    Testing of construction products

    Testing of construction products w naszym laboratorium wykonywane są zgodnie z wymaganiami obowiązujących norm: polskich PN-EN, europejskich EN, branżowych oraz amerykańskich ASTM oraz wymaganiami podanymi przez Klienta.

    We have a very wide range of services, and each offer is always tailored individually to the needs of a given client. We encourage you to contact us to discuss the details of cooperation.