Fuel department in FERROCARO conducts tests of the following materials:

  • solid fuels i.e. hard coal, coke, semi-coke
  • solid recovered fuels SRF (alternative fuels)
  • waste with the codes: 03 03 05, 03 03 07, 03 03 10, 19 12 10, 19 12 12,
    20 03 01
  • Solid biofuels - biomass i.e. straw in the form of briquette bales, sawdust, sawdust or straw granules, the so-called pellets or other processed plant waste
  • Combustion waste i.e. ash-slag mixture, ash, slag

Solid fuel tests are performed in order to:

  • determine the CO2 emission factors
  • check calorific value of the fuel
  • check quality of the fuel
  • determine the suitability for use in the technology of construction products
  • use waste materials
  • reclassify waste materials

We do tests

Following the research needs of our clients, we provide comprehensive services through:

  • accredited sampling:
    • solid fuels according to PN-G-04502:2014-11 p. 5.3.3; 5.3.4; 5.3.5; 5.3.6
    • solid biofuels according to PN-ISO 18135:2017-06 p.
    • solid recovered fuels according to PN-EN 15442:2011 p. 6.9.4
  • testing of basic parameters:
    • total moisture
    • analytical moisture
    • coal
    • sulfur
    • hydrogen
    • nitrogen
    • chlorine
    • ash
    • volatile parts
  • determination of heat of combustion and calorific value (calorific value)
  • determination of biomass content in solid biofuels

Fuel tests are performed by trained and experienced employees with the use of
high-end laboratory equipment.

In our laboratory, we conduct tests on solid fuels, i.e. hard coal, coke, semi-coke, alternative fuels (solid recovered fuels) and solid biofuels. On a daily basis, we also carry out tests of furnace waste such as: ash, slag or ash-slag mixtures. We are a body accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation and we carry out tests in accordance with current standards.

A wide range of tests offered

In our laboratory, we try to provide our clients with the widest range of services. That is why they can count on a fully comprehensive service. We collect samples of solid fuels (hard coal) and cooperate with other accredited laboratories. Solid fuel tests are most often performed in order to assess the deposit and check the quality of coal and calculate the CO2 emission factor. We carry out tests of solid fuels in terms of basic parameters i.e.: the content of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur or nitrogen using the high-temperature combustion method, we determine the heat of combustion using the calorimetric method. The calorific value is calculated from the conducted accredited tests. We also mark volatile matter, chlorine and ash content.

We always approach the needs of our clients individually, adjusting the offer and guaranteeing maximum satisfaction.