Accredited Testing Laboratory


Laboratory Research Department FERROCARBO Sp. z o. o is a family company operating since 2003, located in Krakow. A well-coordinated team and the desire for continuous development led to the opening of a new branch of our laboratory in Proszowice in 2019.

Why us?

They affect the high quality of our services


  • We draw our experience from the nearly sixty-year-old tradition of the laboratory, formerly operating within the structures of the Metallurgical Plant in Krakow.
  • Knowledge in the field of research, established over the years, allows for a reliable interpretation of the results.

  • ZBL FERROCARBO has the Accreditation Certificate No. AB 687, issued by the Polish Center for Accreditation in 2006.
  • The research is carried out using high-class laboratory equipment that is regularly checked, calibrated and serviced.
  • We systematically expand our knowledge and qualifications through participation in industry training and membership in the Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardization and the Club of Polish Research Laboratories POLLAB.
  • European funds made it possible to expand and equip the laboratory with modern measuring equipment, which influenced the implementation of new research projects and the creation of innovative directions of development.

  • Our offer of testing physical and chemical properties is addressed to all branches of industry, with particular emphasis on the ceramic industry, aggregate producers, industrial waste recycling plants and producers of natural and alternative fuels.
  • We systematically expand the scope of our research.
  • We approach each Client individually, we help in the selection of tests methods for a specific type of material and for various applications.
  • We provide comprehensive services in the field of sampling and testing of various types of materials.
  • We conduct research in the field of quality control, as well as cooperate in the implementation of new technologies.
  • We cooperate with accredited laboratories.


    ZBL FERROCARBO Sp. z o. o. has been since March 2005 member of the Club of Polish Research Laboratories POLLAB. As part of the Club, he coordinates comparative research in the field of:

    • chemical and physical properties of cement;
    • chemical and physical properties of refractory materials;
    • chemical and physico-mechanical properties of aggregates.

    In addition, he organizes with other research units comparative interlaboratory studies in terms of:

    • solid fuels;
    • biofuels;
    • solid recovered fuels;
    • ceramic masonry elements.

    In order to improve the quality of services provided ZBL FERROCARBO Sp. z o. o compares the results of his research in international comparative research programmes conducted by research laboratories.


    Staff ZBL FERROCARBO Sp. z o. o participates in the work Technical Committees of the Polish Committee for Standardization:

    • KT 28 for Refractory Materials;
    • KT 108 for Aggregates and Building Stone;
    • KT 144 for Coke and Processed Solid Fuels;
    • KT 216 for waste;
    • KT 233 for Masonry Structures.

    They trusted us

    We are an independent company, and our main goal is professional service and high-quality research. It is worth to bet on our services, because we employ qualified and experienced staff who uses regularly serviced, calibrated and checked laboratory equipment. We are open to the needs of our customers and the market, we are constantly developing through the implementation of new research methods and employee training.