What tests do we perform?

Analyzes of natural and artificial raw materials, ceramic and refractory products, admixtures, aggregates, slags, ferroalloys, silicon carbide products and waste.

Comprehensive services in the field of testing solid fuels, solid recovered fuels, solid biofuels, waste, furnace waste and assistance in determining the emission factor.

We provide aggregate type and control testing services as part of the Factory Production Control (FPC) , we help with its implementation and in obtaining compliance certificates.

Tests of binders, cements, concretes, fly ashes, blast furnace slags, silica fume, pigments, concrete admixtures and water for concrete.

Full research construction products in accordance with the requirements of the currently applicable standards, together with the determination of the concentration of naturally radioactive elements 

We have been carrying out in our laboratory for many years tests of refractory materials in our laboratory. We operate comprehensively, so we focus on all properties