In our laboratory, we carry out testing of silicate wall elements. Their properties, as well as test requirements, are specified in PN-EN 771-2 standardthat we use in our work. This material is used to make external and internal walls, basements, foundations or external brick chimneys. Therefore, it cannot fail even after many years, which is why it is so important to subject it to appropriate tests.

FERROCARBO performs tests of silicate wall elements, such as: dimensions and deviations from dimensions, shape and structure, dry density, compressive strength, water absorption, resistance to freezing - thawing. On a daily basis, in our laboratory we also perform accredited testing of ceramic wall elements.

We do tests

Properties of wall elements made of aerated concrete

The properties of aerated concrete wall elements are checked during tests such as: dimensions, shape and construction, compressive strength, water absorption, dry weight, laying surface flatness, moisture expansion/contraction.

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