The use of coal to produce electricity results in the production of large amounts of fly ash, which can be managed in various ways. In our laboratory we perform accredited tests of fly ashes used for the production of concrete in accordance with the applicable PN-EN 450-1 standard. After the tests are completed, Clients receive a test report, and on individual request, we confirm compliance with the requirements of the standard. We carry out both tests before the product is launched on the market, as well as periodic tests.

We do tests

Scope of services provided

The basic parameters determined for fly ashes in FERROCARBO are the following: loss on ignition, free calcium oxide, reactive calcium oxide, reactive silicon dioxide, chlorides, SO3 sulphate content, chemical analysis including alkali, silicon oxide, iron, aluminum and phosphate content. In addition to chemical tests, we also perform physical tests i.e., fineness, activity index, setting time, volume stability, grain density or water requirement.


In order to provide comprehensive Clients service, we carry out testing of hazardous substances i.e., radioactivity, otherwise known as the natural radioactivity of the material. We do it in accordance with the requirements of the current Regulation of the Council of Ministers of December 17, 2020 on building materials, for which the radioactive concentration of potassium 40K, radium 226Ra, thorium 232Th and the value of the radioactive concentration index I is determined.


When using the offer of our laboratory, Clients can be sure that all tests are performed by our qualified and experienced employees, who use regularly serviced, checked and calibrated equipment.